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I Look Like a Splice Icecream

01 December 2010

Recently I bought a grey and lime green Frosty Boy from you. Whilst I do like the jumper, I don't quite love it. You see the lime green back makes me look like a Splice ice cream (I wonder if you have them in New Zealand?). In your catalogue the front of the Frosty Boy is shown but not the back. I assumed that the back would also be grey and the lime was limited to the collar and under the arms.

Now when I ride down the street kids laugh at me because I look like a Splice. Fat people try to lick me on hot days. Other mountain bikers don't take me seriously, and call me Splice Boy as they pass. I think they purposely splash mud on me to subdue the brightness. All this I find very hurtful and distressing. I'm considering counselling.

May I suggest that you modify the Frosty Boy so that its back is all grey. This would make a more stylish top on the trails and save much pain and distress for loyal customers like me.

Matthew Klages, Australia