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Double Happys' Complaint

01 July 2010

I have a complaint about your Double Happys. Whilst when originally purchased, I subscribed to all the splatter about not wearing out and lasting for ages, I didn't take it too literally. The problem is that I'd now quite like a new pair, but this requires approval from the Chief Financial Officer (my wife). Problem is she asks me several questions before granting approval:

Q. Are they uncomfortable?

A. No.

Q. Have they worn out?

A. Well the stitching is slightly flattened under my bum.

Q. Have they faded or is the fabric damaged?

A. No, not really.

Q. What's wrong with your current pair?

A. Ahh, nothing really, I quite like the new colour though.

The damn things are coming up eight years old with 100's of muddy/dusty/rainy/sunny rides chalked up. So my complaint (if that's what you want to call it) is that I can't wear them out. Damn you Ground Effect for making the best bike shorts out there. Looks like I'm stuck with the old model for quite some time yet :-)

Glenn, Christchurch