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The Paradox of Being 'Saved' by the Emergency Repair Patch

01 February 1996

This happened while Simon and I were checking out the course for this year's Karapoti Classic. The track was infested with razor sharp rocks - the worst I ever seen it. We were plagued with punctures from the outset. About half way round we had run out of spare tubes and used all but our last couple of repair patches. It seemed prudent to ration these so when the next flat struck we cut these in half. This only forestalled the inevitable and eventually we were miles from anywhere with flat tyres. Resigned to the long walk, Simon was struck with divine inspiration and recalled the repair patches supposively lurking in our Ground Effect clothing. Sure enough there was one hidden in each garment. We were saved and soon on our way. But here's the bummer - soon after I rounded a corner and came face to face with a speeding Trail Bike rider. He took me out and I was left with a broken leg. It was a clean break through the tibia and fibula. I was helicoptered out with a comforting shot of morphine. Total trip time from Doper's Creek (where the accident occurred) to my couch at home - four and a half hours.

Paul Kennett laments the paradox of being 'saved' by the emergency repair patch.