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The Birth of the Mtb T-Shirt

01 December 1995

... this all happened a few years back during a National Series race in Taupo. I was going pretty good - lying about third I think - and was working hard trying to catch the two in front. I came flying over this rise and as I landed reached down to grab my water bottle (pre Camelbak days). At the same moment my front wheel dug into some soft dirt, the bike jack knifed and I was sent hurtling over the bars. I landed on the track and was right in the path of the bunch hot on my heels. I had no chance of getting out of the way so buried my head in my hands and thought really really small thoughts. A couple managed to bunny hop over me but my mate rode straight over the top, leaving a perfect set of tyre tracks down the back of my white shirt.

John Pearce recalls the incident which gave rise to a whole genre of Mtb Tee Shirts