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The First Ground Effect Latte Racer

01 December 1997

A bunch of us Aucklanders had ventured south to Christchurch for the Port Hills Classic. It was the final race for the national series that year and I was competing in Sport Class which was 3 laps of the track. As I completed the first lap I spied Steve kicking back enjoying a latte in the Ground Effect tent. What could a serious racer do? I jumped off my bike and joined him. Guy was already on his second lap. We had this friendly rivalry going throughout the series, so when he came around for the final lap I leapt back on my bike and gave chase. I caught him easily - recharged and refreshed after my break. I gradually pushed the pace and Guy struggled to keep up. We were chatting away - he couldn't understand why I was going so well while "he felt like shit". After a few k's I confessed and received a verbal battering.

Hira Wynward - the very first Ground Effect Latte Racer