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The Things People Will Do for a Dollar

01 December 1997

We're blasting down Schaeffer Canyon to the White Rim Trail and stumble upon this geological freak called Musselman Arch. Murray (Dwyer) gets all excited - we had spent the last 5 days in Moab searching for obstacles so he could cheat death. Anyway we met up with this group of Texans all decked out with BMW touring bikes, leather pants and cowboy boots. While Murray is riding across the arch (which the Texans were too terrified to even walk on), one of them yells out in jest "I'll give you a dollar if you pull a wheelie". Cool as a cold thing, Murray pulls up the front wheel and hops across the span. The Texans freak - videos rolling and excited shouts of encouragement. Had we realised Murray was that short of cash the lads would have had a whip around.

Greg Ord