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Six Simple Messages

01 December 1999

Some things are not meant to be and some of us are slow learners. Jimmy and I had planned a bike ride at 5:30. I hurried to the bike shop to collect my baby.

Message #1: It wasn't ready. Had to wait until 5:35 before rushing home.

Message #2: Had to stuff around putting cluster and tyre on rear wheel.

Message #3: Couldn't find a long valve tube so had to swap front with the back.

Message #4: Jimmy's pump was broke - so decided to take the road bike instead.

Message #5: Left the keys in the rolla door while opening the garage. Snapped the key and had to perform surgery on the lock.

Message #6: Finally got away, Jimmy on his mtb, dog on the lead and me on the road bike. Riding on the soft shoulder, Max (my dog) breaks left, my skinny front wheel digs in and I hit the tarmac. Max tears off down the road fearing he is in trouble. I got a sore arse, bruised hip and grazed knuckles.

Moral: About message #3, I should have got the hint to stay at home and watch re-runs of the Simpsons.

Alex Alty