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A Case of Mistaken Identity

01 December 2000

Thank you so much for the new Rock Lobsters. They caught up with us at the designated Poste Restante in Ireland. It's great to find these little Red Cross packages as we do our trans-global thing. We were in this little town only 30km away from Belfast, the day before the big "Orange Parade" which incites much violence and disruption in Northern Ireland. We left the Post Office and grabbed a curb in the main street to sit down and unwrap the parcel. Excitedly, we pulled the Agent Orange tops out of the packet and marvelled at their new-ness. It took our travel-dulled brains a couple of ticks to realise our stupidity and rapidly shoved them away - hoping we hadn't attracted the attention of any hard-line locals.

Kate Bowes and Phil Clerke