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Daddy Long Legs Surgery

01 February 2001

A few weeks back I ordered some Daddy Long Legs to see me through England's legendary tropical winter. The tights arrived within a week, just in time to go riding in a local forest over the weekend. After a few hours blasting through the trees (with toasty warm legs) we headed for home - or the railway station as was the case. On the way back I suffered an unscheduled high speed dismount. I managed to avoid damaging my bike and helmet by landing on my face (after spending a few hours repairing the damage, the surgeon agreed that this was indeed a clever idea). I arrived at the hospital strapped to a backboard. The staff proceeded to butcher my one day old Daddy Long Legs in order to inspect for collateral damage. They ignored my feeble protests that I had landed on my face for a reason and that any damage was clearly visible. I'll be back in NZ for a few weeks and was wondering if you could make good their 'handy work'? By my assessment it only requires the simple insertion of a new, very long seam down the front.

Thanks, Roger Dennis