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Pitbull Protection

01 December 2001

I'm a cycling nut from Canberra. I'm also a fan of Ground Effect clothing and feel the need to tell you just how bullet proof my Ranchsliders are. I bought these great, grungy daks eighteen months ago and have covered 2,200 winter k's in them - commuting to and from work and rock hopping on my trusty Giant. I have crashed the Ranchsliders (as you do) a few times on the dirt and once on the cycle paths that loop around Canberra. The 'sliders survived these stacks with no fabric or seam damage. But wait, there's more.

Last week I was subjected to an unprovoked attack from a Pitbull Terrier. The thing latched onto my right calf. It bit hard through my 'sliders leaving them marked with blood and teeth imprints. The owner (perhaps not unaccustomed to this sort of carry on) apologised and offered to "pay for any damage and medical bills". I forgot about the pain in my leg and obsessed about "my Ranchsliders". But the Hi-Impact fabric was intact - not a tear nor puncture. Tough or what? The mutt had drawn masses of blood and caused impressive bruising, but the 'sliders were undamaged. Brilliant - just brilliant.

Martin Dibb