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Only in America

01 December 2002

It was the end of another deliriously good ride in Sun Valley. A couple of hours climbing up Greenhorn Gulch, along Mars Ridge and screaming down Red Warrior Creek before easing onto Warm Springs Road. We dialled up big ring and hoofed it down the shingle road back towards Ketchum. A loud retort sounded behind us, "crack". Thoughts of over-hyped hunters leapt to mind. Steve's rear tyre had suffered a blow out. He wrestled his bike to a standstill and slapped on some duct tape to patch the sidewall. The tyre bulged in a threatening fashion and seemed unlikely to last the ten mile stretch home. And then serendipity - around the corner I spotted a dumpster. Thinking he might find material for a better patch, I burrowed in and turned up an entire rear tyre - worn but otherwise in good nick. A quick change and we were on our way back to town at full speed. Steve's still using the tyre now. Only in America.

Fraser McLachlan