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Air Time

01 December 2003

I'm a kiwi living in South Korea. A few months ago I was killing time at work, glancing through some of your old product reviews. I came across one from February 2001. It was a funny story that was even funnier when I recognized the name at the bottom. Roger's tale of the surgically removed Daddy Long Legs was a hoot - in a macabre sort of way. We'd been working on a wee jump and that afternoon planned to launch it for the first time. As I was getting changed after work I had a premonition of some nurse hacking off my Slingshot so I put on a shitty old riding top instead. I stacked the jump big time, snapped my left collarbone and had to walk to A & E. The nurse didn't cut my top but insisted on yanking it off over my head. All performed without drugs. I was wishing that I had stuck with my Slingshot - the long zip would have made the procedure much less painful and I would have looked more presentable in the waiting room. Anyhow, I've been off my bike now for two months and the bone has still not knitted so I'm as bored as hell... which is why I'm stuck at the typewriter recounting this unhappy tale.

Malcolm Richards