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No Love Lost

01 February 2008

Your summer catalogue arrived in my letterbox the other day. Baby blue and chocolate brown leapt off the pages at me. Having always coveted a ZZ Top, the new colour scheme justified a shot of retail therapy. I had to have one. I got one.

Curiously the catalogue was addressed to 'Matt Rayment and Matthew Forte'. This raised a wry smile from me, as the other Matt is my good buddy and riding partner - but we have never actually lived at the same address. This may not seem a big deal, but when I txt my wife "I love you" or "you're beautiful" she replies, "did you mean to send that to me or matt?" Matt and I were close so it cut pretty deep when he fled home to Oz a few weeks back.

I digress. The ZZ Top arrived (I felt better) and I headed out to Woodhill. The top is cut beautifully. It's the only one I've had that doesn't ride up my back, and I remained remarkably cool in the Woodhill sun. As I chased Matt's ghost up the Combo Trail, I was comfortable in this snappy top that's not a lurid shade of whatever nor has "Team Funke International Extreme Vision" plastered over it.

I really rate your gear. The shorts I got last year are still going strong belting out six hard days each week. Thanks.

Matt Rayment, Waitakere