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Youthful Exuberance

01 November 2014

I received my new Juggernauts yesterday as promised. The 9 year old Juggernauts they are replacing are, to use a technical term, “buggered”. Their posterior has been re-stitched once, so I suppose a warranty claim is out of the question. The new shorts were lucky to survive a day, let alone 9 years. Miss 3.5 years at our house decided to open the courier pack because she "loved it" and "needed it".  My wife discovered the parcel and pants (still rolled up) on the floor. Our little darling opened it with scissors, somehow without slashing the contents. I can only put this down to the nifty way they were presented, rolled up and retained by a paper thingy. If they were lying flat I think Miss 3.5 would not see scissors again until she became Miss 21.

Well done, and excellent thinking.

Phil Price