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Kennett's to Mtb Hall of Fame

19 August 2018

Jonathan, Paul and Simon Kennett’s over-and-above contributions to New Zealand mountain biking have been recognised by the Mtb Hall of Fame. They join this year’s inductees (sounds painful) to the venerable Marin institution.

The Brothers are card-carrying members of NZ’s mountain bike originals back in the 1980’s. They authored the 1986 Karapoiti Classic (also our first national champs), our first ‘magazine’ - the New Zealand Mountain Bike Newsletter, Classic NZ Mtb Rides - and were founding members of the NZ Mountain Bike Association.

They have each competed (at the pointy end of the pack) through the decades and have organised numerous  races and festivals, including a XC World Cup round, the 2006 XC World Championships, the Kiwi Brevet and Tour Aotearoa.

Countless other publishing projects and events dot their collective CVs. Track building, advocacy and conservation have also been an integral part of day-to-day, notably Makara Peak and the Rameka Project.

Check out the Mtb Hall of Fame for the full rave.

Simon will head to Marin in September to receive the gong on behalf of the Brothers Three, while Paul and Jonathan offset his carbon miles with yet more tree planting back home.