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Milk and Honey Race

24 October 2018

Ground Effect Revolutionary Ollie Whalley recently defended his title in the Milk and Honey winning the men's team category along with his 'Fast and Hairy' team mate Martin. Fellow Revolutionary, Anja McDonald and Ollie’s wife Heidi raced as the Spinnarets. They won the women's team category. Anja also smashed the enduro. Some poor team communication meant that Ollie didn't warn Heidi of the compulsory winners’ post-race milk chug. She unwittingly and unwillingly exceeded her lactose dosage for the day! Ollie describes the Milk and Honey as "NZ's most hard-core low-key event, with the Golden Bay community banding together to stage a unique experience that mixes type two fun riding up a massive hill, with type one shredding down again."

Heidi - pre race smiles. Photo: Ollie

Anja on the hoods. Photos: Digby Shaw

Ollie truckin' along. Photo: Digby Shaw

Ollie and Max. Photo: Digby Shaw

Anja and Ollie with the obligatory winners' milk chug. Photo: Digby Shaw