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Jamie Nicoll's Nomadic Weekend Away 2018

04 April 2018

Photos by Tony Hutcheson and Mike Cowlin
Words by Guy Wynn-Williams

Sort of like 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', fortyish mountain bikers were drawn to Craigieburn over the Easter weekend. Jamie had organised excellent weather, communal dinner and beer on Saturday night - courtesy of Santa Cruz. Limitless singletrack and the promise of new best friends completed the package.

It was a safe formula that delivered in excess. We were a diverse bunch with kids, dogs, pro and ex-pro shredders, regular dudes and dude-ettes, young and once-were-young riders. A gang from Queenstown ventured north along with stalwarts from Christchurch, Nelson and Golden Bay.

There was no formal itinerary, but typically groups of 10-15 would cruise out each morning for a half day session on the extensive Craigieburn Trail Network. And typically we'd head out again late afternoon-early evening for a lap or two on the numerous descents off the Mt Cheeseman ski field road.

Baring military invasion or tsunami I reckon we'll all be back next year. This short photo gallery from Tony and Mike captures the mood. And there's more on Instagram at #nomadicweekendaway2018

Jamie's iconic Bedford School Bus and Nomad. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Basecamp for four days at Texas flat. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Chris and Bob chase the shuttle up the Cheeseman Road. Photo: Mike Cowlin

Jamie weighs up options - Cheesey DH (aka Cockayne Alley) or Chesus of Nazareth. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Marley catches his breath. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Jamie and Marley seek shelter from the Nor' Wester. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Marley and Leif cat 'n' mouse down Gorgonzola/K-Line. Photo: Mike Cowlin

Bob weaves her way down Cuckoo Creek. Photo: Mike Cowlin

Whiskey Mike leads Jamie on the Luge. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Regrouping at Dracophyllum Flat. Photo: Mike Cowlin

The train pulls out of Drac' Flat back to Basecamp. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Sally guards the post-ride reward. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Gentlemen, blow your froth. Tony and Jamie caught in the act. Photo: Mike Cowlin

Jamie served up a magnificent curry for the throngs on Saturday night. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Mike brings battery powered grunt to the firewood party. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Sam and Jamie school the kids in the art of molten sugar. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Toasted goodness. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Roasted chestnuts caused confusion - was it Easter or Christmas? Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Preparing for the Saturday night slide show and movie from Brian and then Damian. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Until next year. Photo: Tony Hutcheson