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NZ Enduro 2018 Photo Gallery

14 March 2018

Photos by Tony Hutcheson, Richard Goldsbury, Digby Shaw, Duncan Philpott, Boris Beyer, Cameron Mackenzie and Sven Martin.

The NZ Enduro bounced back from last year’s weather bomb to deliver a cracker weekend of fast and sunny singletrack around the Marlborough Sounds. Jo and Guy took the slow boat from Christchurch in the Ground Effect kombi. Jamie Nicoll journeyed from Nelson in his iconic old school bus - new stainless body panels freshly spray painted 'just in time'. Tony Hutcheson joined the posse after a night of nostalgia with the Datsuns and D4 in Wellington. Camping at Whites Bay, Pelorous Bridge and then finally at Butchers Flat was idyllic.

It was quite the 'family' gathering with many of our Ground Effect Revolutionaries in town. Anja McDonald and Sam Shaw scored podiums - Anja on the top step in the Amateur Women and Sam 2nd in the Pro Men behind the legendary Jerome Clementz. Richard Goldsbury casually picked up 4th in the Masters Men while Odin Woods was all form and concentration on his hard tail.  Tristan Rawlence, fresh from completing the gruelling Tour Aotearoa, enjoyed the uncharacteristic role as cheerleader and seller of raffle tickets. B-Rad kept injured bikes rolling and Nick Crocker was one of the many volunteers who helped Sven and Anka Martin ensure the NZ Enduro remains a bucket list must-do on the international event calendar. 

Day One: Whites Bay

An ominous sky at the dawn that fortunately amounted to nought. Photo: Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

Race briefing and blue skies. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Jo cuts and polishes Jamie's old school bus. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

On a wheel and a prayer. Guy in the start gate of stage one. Photo: Cameron Mackenzie

Jamie on air points. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Guy down low. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Odin on his hardtail. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

 Sam Shaw-Thing. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Day Two: Opouri Saddle to Kaiuma Bay via Tennyson Inlet and Nydia Bay

The Ground Effect Kombi steams towards Opouri Saddle. Photo: Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

  Chris Burr and Brenda Clapp inject Saturday Night Fever style at the start of stage one. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

  Emil de Vries drops in from Nydia Saddle. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Anja skims the off-camber rocks 'n' roots. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

A rare photo of Richie in concentratiion. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

A less rare photo of Richie in flight. Photo: Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

Lunch - the reason for exercise - at On the Track Lodge, Nydia Bay. Photo: Sven Martin/NZ Enduro

Bikes securely tethered during lunch. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Jamie's bus tucked up for the night at Butchers Flat. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Bus life. Jo, Guy and Jamie take tea and chocolate. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Day Three: Wakamarina

Helicopter fuel for the morning's uplift. Yum granola served by Sarah and Whisky Mike. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Touch 'n' go at Fosters Clearing. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Squirrel's-eye view. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Up and gone. Photo: Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

Anja hoofs it down stage one to consolidate her grip on 1st place. Photos: Cameron Mackenzie & Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

Jamie was in a pretty cruisy-mode - but still fast enough to roll in 10th amidst the Pro Men. Photo: Boris Beyer/NZ Enduro

Odin - master of the off camber and the hard tail. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Racing blind, Sam had a blinder on the final day - just 6 seconds behind Jerome Clementz and edging Joe Nation for 2nd place. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Richie leads out Nate #followcamfriday Hills at the end of the final stage. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Tristan, Jamie, Husqvarna and Jo. Photo: Richard Goldsbury

Anka awarded NZ Enduro patches on the finish line at the end of day three; Jamie stitched them on. Photos: Cameron Mackenzie & Duncan Philpott/NZ Enduro

Mel Bloomfield, Anja and Amanda Pearce's stunt double collect the swag and winners' pounamu. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Sam, Jerome Clementz & Joe Nation. Photo: Digby Shaw/NZ Enduro

Sam a happy man. Photo: Tony Hutcheson

Until next year. The Kombi takes a photo opportunity before pinning it for home. Photo: Tony Hutcheson