Tunnel Gully Bike Park - Kaitoke Forest, Upper Hutt

24 July 2016

Kaitoke Forest is part of the Tunnel Gully Recreation Area, nestled at the foot of Mount Climie just north of Upper Hutt.

The Slush Fund has topped up the contribution made by the Greater Wellington Regional Council a couple of times in the past 18 months to help out with trail building projects at the Tunnel Gully Bike Park in the Kaitoke Forest. The Ground Effect Slush Fund cash donation of $2000 was spent on tools, a wheelbarrow, a plate compactor, and a first aid kit.

‘Flow-K’ is currently closed to the public due to logging. Since it’s been closed the team have cleared, tidied up, and upgraded an old trail called G-Drop which is signposted and open, and they are currently building an extension too… The brand new trail called Bees-2-Bridge is near completion... "tough build as there are hundreds of trimmed pine trees to clear out of the way before we can even attempt to cut a line, but going really well". 'Station Link' is finished, and new signs have been installed. There should be nine dedicated trails completed by the middle of 2017.

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