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Motu Trails Cycleway - Opotiki

05 July 2022

The Motu Trails Charitable Trust has had a contract with DOC to do maintenance on the Pakihi Track and Dunes Trail near Opotiki in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

In 2022 the Trust asked the Slush Fund to top up the maintenance funding with some cash for new tools. A nudge over $2000 was spent on four WMC (Weapon of Mass Creation) tools, spare handles, spades, rakes and a WMC double wheeled barrow.

The Pakihi is in a dynamic environment, with rock and gravel coming down almost continually. The Trust conducts maintenance every week for much of the year in terrain extremely tough on tools.


Back in 2015 the Motu Trails Trust approached Ground Effect for some Slush Fund dough, and settled on spending $1000 on a much needed culvert for the The Whakaumu Track. The Whakaumu Track is estimated to be 130+ years old. Thanks to volunteer work totalling well over 700 hours there is now 4km of 98% rideable primo trail. We know the trampers are super happy too.

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Whakaumu Track