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Coomealla Mildura MTB Park

07 July 2018

The Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club hangs out in the Sunraysia district of Victoria/New South Wales, 650kms north-west of Melbourne and 450 kms north-east of Adelaide. 

The club have access to a leased piece of crown land right next to the Murray River in Dareton. It’s dead flat country, so to make the trails a little more challenging the club trail trolls have built obstacles using both natural and man-made features: rock gardens, table tops, log rollovers and log rides.

Back in 2018 ehe trails took a bit of a hammering from Mother Nature. The club requested some funds from the Ground Effect Slush Fund to purchase materials required for rebuilding and refurbishment of their trails. Plus the club is keen put in some protection around the cultural heritage sites near the trail. 

Armed with a good supply of volunteers to conduct the track work the club was able to put the $1100 from the Ground Effect Slush Fund to good use, purchasing crusher dust, road base, geotextile and timber. 

The club welcomes riders of all levels of ability from juniors to elite, and encourages family participation - club riders are aged from the under 10’s to over 70’s. Find out more here: www.mountainlessbikeclub.net.au and follow along on Facebook.