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Majura Pines Trail Alliance

07 July 2018

The Majura Pines Trail Alliance are the volunteer group who build and maintain the Majura Pines trails, some of the oldest and most famous mtb trails in Canberra, ACT. There is just over 20km of mapped and sign-posted track and they see over 26,000 riders per year.

One of our core principles of the Trails Alliance is to retain the 'old skool' feel of some of the original trails in Canberra, and to do this they try to build everything by hand. It's slow and hard work but ultimately worth it. To do this they need tools. They have quite a lot of cheapo fire rakes and hoes from the hardware store but they soon break. The couple of Rake N Bake tools from Trail Scapes they have are the best, designed for trail building and last. Unlike mechanised tools they don't need fuel, maintenance or (much) training to use. The Trails Alliance asked the Slush Fund for a $1200 contribution to purchase more of the Trail Scapes tools.

The Majura Pines Trail Alliance formed in 2014. Since then they have contributed over 2000 hours of volunteer work, regularly attracting 20+ volunteers at our build days. Keep an eye on what the Trails Alliance are up to here: