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Belmont Area Mtb Association

23 June 2017

Over Summer 2017 the Belmont Area Mtb Association (BAMBA) built an 800m long Grade 3 descending track, Electric Avenue, adding to the expanding mountain bike trail network in Belmont Regional Park, Wellington.

The network is located in the ex-Danzig Forest area that was harvested in 2011 by Greater Wellington Regional Council and re-designated for mtb trails. Several hundred hours of manual labour and digger operator time were donated free of charge. BAMBA were short $1200 to complete the track. The Ground Effect Slush Fund stepped in with the cash. The job came in under budget so the spare $200 was used to install recycled polypropylene panels on the riding surface of Bull Run. Prone to rutting the panels make the trail more sustainable and rider-friendly.

Feedback on Electric Avenue from the riding community since it opened has been tremendous. The trail is a huge addition to the network, allowing an easier Grade 3 descent from the top of 4 Degrees, where previously all riders had to use the Grade 4 Borderline. The trail is wide, fast and flowing, and can be ridden by a range of abilities.

In 2009 the Belmont Area Mtb Association (BAMBA) was established to promote the interests of mountain bikers and other recreational users of the Belmont Regional Park. The park covers 3500 hectares of hills and valleys between Porirua and Hutt Valley. The Ground Effect Slush Fund first supported track development in the park in 2007 with $1000 cash for the purchase of tools. In 2013 the Council agreed to rebuild the popular 'Danzig climb', and clear the debris from the 'Choppers' and 'Big Weta' descents. In the meantime BAMBA finished a couple of trails outside the logging zone. And in 2013 Ground Effect met the $400 shortfall in funds to purchase some new tools for the job. And the Bull Run was finished off too.

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