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Rotorua Trails Trust

16 August 2018

The aim of the Rotorua Trails Trust is to develop a network of great multi-use trails across the Rotorua district.

In 2019 the Trust desperately needed a set of good power tools for making signage and doing structural work in the field. The Slush Fund was super happy to help providing $1100 for the purchase of a drill, impact driver, circular saw and three batteries. The tools helped complete the drop retaining work on the Grade 5 Tumeke Trail, one of the 63 or so mtb trails in Whakarewarewa Forest.

In 2018 the Rotorua Trails Trust opened Te Kōtukutuku Trail at Lake Rotokākahi /Green Lake. Te Kōtukutuku forms part of Te Ara Ahi - Thermal by Bike trail on Ngā Haerenga - The NZ Cycle Trail. Track work required the trail builders to be out in some steep and isolated terrain, so the Trust asked the Ground Effect Slush Fund for $1000 to purchase a couple of PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons), and a decent first aid kit for the trail building crew.

Check out what they are up to here: www.rotoruatrailstrust.co.nz and follow them on Facebook.