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TX Direct

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Restore your rain jacket's water repellency and general sense of enthusiasm for bad weather with TX Direct by Nikwax. Simply wash, spray liberally and line dry or take for a lap on a warm (not hot) cycle in the dryer. Each bottle should be good for a couple of garments.
  • Click on the 'washing' tab and follow the guidelines for cleaning your jacket or overpants.
  • Spray with TX Direct while the garment is still wet.
  • Protect the working surface and lay the clean garment out flat. Zip up all closures.
  • Hold the bottle 15 cm away and apply evenly to the outside of the fabric.
  • Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed.
  • After a couple of minutes remove any surplus product with a damp cloth.
  • Line dry or on a warm (not hot) cycle in the dryer.

  • All Ground Effect clothing enjoys a warm 40ºC machine wash. Try to avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach, 'oxygen whitener' or fabric softener.
    • The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage technical fabrics and cause skin irritation.
    • Bleach rots natural fibres like merino, strips the dye, attacks laminates of waterproof fabrics and can also cause skin irritation.
    • Sodium Percarbonate (the main ingredient in oxygen whitener) can make colours run.
    • Fabric softener and stuff containing it like wool wash destroys the water repellent finish on waterproof and water resistant fabrics, and can cause colours to run.
  • As a rule of thumb, a product that is easy on the planet is also easy on your body. Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware.
  • Hand washing is sometimes the only option on tour, but a washing machine rinses more thoroughly and is preferable if you have the choice.
  • Most Ground Effect gear dries super-fast so hanging on the line or drooping over the bedpost is generally the best option. High heat can damage some fabrics so if you do take your threads for a spin, set the device on 'medium' or 'warm' rather than hot. A lap in the dryer is recommended for your rain jacket, after it has dried on the line, as it helps recharge its water repellant finish.

  • Wash with any of the plant-based products listed above. You can also use a specific sport wash like Grangers Extreme Cleaner, Nikwax Tech Wash or Atsko 'Sport Wash'. Around NZ$30 from most outdoor shops. Any stubborn stains should be dabbed not rubbed clean. For grease spots you can use a degreaser like Swarfega. It's aggressive stuff though so take care - it might be best left alone as added character.
  • Keep it clean, but don’t wash too often. General wear along with washing progressively removes the water repellent treatment from the outside the fabric. This treatment helps rain to bead and run off - and enhances the overall performance of the fabric. Dirt, body oil, sunscreen and sweat also attack the water repellent treatment and can cause the waterproof-breathable membrane to delaminate. Wash frequency depends on how often and how hard you use your garment. We suggest at least a couple of times a year - certainly after a muddy mission, an especially sweaty ride, or say half a dozen sessions in the rain. Use your judgement - if the garment looks dirty, the fabric is 'wetting out’ too quickly, or feels clammy then it's probably time for a clean.
  • When the fabric starts 'wetting out', it's time to apply some love. You can help restore the water repellent treatment after washing by line-drying your jacket, then chucking it in the dryer using a warm (not hot) cycle. This 'recharges' the treatment so it lasts a bit longer. When this trick no longer does its magic you can beef up the original treatment to some extent with a product like Nikwax TX Direct - $39 from Ground Effect. A bottle is good for two or three rounds with your jacket. The effectiveness of this process depends on the age and condition of your jacket.
  • Note that while the fabric's wetting-out impairs performance, particularly breathability, the HydroFoil laminate should still be waterproof.
  • Always ensure your HydroFoil garment is completely dry before storing. Putting it away damp can destroy both the water repellent finish and the waterproof coating. Hanging on a hook or coat hanger is best. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you.

  • Items are generally packed and sent the same day your order is received.
  • Costs $9 by overnight courier within New Zealand.
  • NZ$12 by tracked airmail to Australia.
  • Around NZ$15-25 by tracked airmail to destinations elsewhere in the world - calculated in our shipping cart as you check out. 
    • More shipping and tax details in our FAQ.
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      New Zealand New Zealand

      TX Direct

      Easy to use. Has given items a new lease of life and seems to go quite a long way.

      Jenny F.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Washing info and tips

      Your advice on garment care and washing is outstanding. I’m a 60 + year old biker enthusiast (first Mtb 1988) and have laundered a lot of stuff.Thankyou so much for putting this very helpful advice together.

      Paul L.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      TX direct

      My stormtrooper jacket has provided many years of protection. Recently I noticed its water resistance seemed to be not as good as it used to be. I had already followed the cleaning instructions for rejuvenation. So I purchased the Tx product. Applied as per instructions and tumble dried on a low setting. Went out riding last Saturday in flood heavy rain. Worked a treat. I definitely noticed an improvement. Reccomend trying this if you have any good quality but old wet weather gear.

      Ruth R.
      New Zealand New Zealand


      Applied to three jackets recently, after a no-soap wash. Doesn't seem to have improved waterproofing as far as I can tell, disappointingly...

      Jackie F.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Mature Cycling Couple

      We have used TX DIRECT recently and to good effect. Easy instructions and easy to use.