Abus 1500 Lock

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Jet Black
Red Hot

‘Minimum’ security for your bike against opportunistic thieves when whipping into the boulangerie for a baguette on tour or inhaling a brew after an evening session at the bike park. It tips the scales at 230 grams. Cheapest travel and contents insurance you’ll ever buy.

  • Key lock - comes with two keys.
  • Unique 'click-closed' without using key.
  • 60cm length.
  • 4mm toughened steel chain.
  • Coils into tight, compact palm-of-your-hand bundle for storage. 
  • Textile chain cover to protect your bike.
  • Lightweight and low bulk.
  • Bright red or orange colour options - easy to find in the depths of your baggage, plus Black.
  • Weight: 230 grams.
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    Rodney B.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Fit for Purpose

    This little lock is exactly as advertised and what I was looking for. Light weight and easy to use it is ideal for some peace of mind when taking a quick stop to drop into the dairy, supermarket or hardware store as I often seem to do on my commute.

    A Ground Effect Customer
    Tim W.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Pocket Lockit!

    Easy peezy lock in my pocket!

    Fiona B.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Pocket-sized peace of mind

    Handy wee lock for peace of mind or unexpected stops

    Julian C.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    One small lock for man, a giant lock for...

    Light and quiet with the sleeve if it's wrapped around your bike. I use it on my bike for quick stops, my kid's bike at school, cupboards, gas bottles and occasionally to chain myself to the desk if I need to get some work done.

    Fiona B.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Pocket-sized peace of mind

    Easily fits in back pocket but not too small to be useful. Great for coffee stop peace of mind or as a second lock used in combination with a D-lock or similar.