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A speedy and effective tool for cleaning grit, muck and grease off your chain - helping it last longer and perform better. Top up the BBB Chain Cleaner with Biomaxa Bio-degreaser, clamp it onto your chain and gently turn your pedals. The multi-brushes turn and whir to magically make your chain sparkle again.

  • Smooth running internal chain guide mechanism.
  • Clip-on handle for support.
  • Use 40-80 mls of bio-degreaser per clean.
  • Weight: 315 grams.

Regularly cleaning and lubing your bike's chain reduces wear and improves shifting performance. Worn chains are bad karma. They drastically increase front and rear cog wear. Replacement drivetrains are expensive, so looking after the business end of your bike is well worth the effort.

  1. Remove the crusty bits from your chain, derailleur, rear cluster and front chain ring(s) with a BBB Chain Brush. A tooth brush works ok too, but beware the wrath of your flatmates if they find out. A small flat blade screwdriver can help with stubborn detritus. 
  2. BBB Chain Cleaner with various rotating brushes will clean your chain to within an inch of its life.
  3. Score some Biomaxa Bio-degreaser to remove gunk, grit and grime from your chain.
  4. Top up the chain cleaner with the degreaser and clamp to your chain. Gently spin the pedals backwards - the brushes will whizz and whir to clean the chain. It may take a couple of goes with a fresh solution each time to get it spotless. After 15 minutes attack with a clean rag to remove any recalcitrant gunk - the degreaser should have worked it's way in to soften it up. Leave for a while to dry. 
  5. Then apply some Biomaxa Chain Lube. It's an effective, long-lasting lubricant for both summer and winter conditions - plus is easy on the environment. Squirt onto the chain while spinning the pedals slowly backwards. Fanatics lovingly squeeze one drop at a time onto each link - your choice. Once applied continue to spin the pedals for a couple of minutes to help distrubute the lube and coat the chain pins. It's best applied the night before you ride to give it time to make like Colgate and really 'get in'.
  6. Always apply lube in warm conditions - squirting onto a cold chain causes it to form nasty solid clumps. A hairdryer to pre-warm the chain is a good plan. Again - be stealth-like in borrowing and returning to your flatmate's room.
  7. Wipe off any excess lube with a clean rag. Be sure to never let lube get anywear near your disc brakes.

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        DARYL P.

        It seems my stuff arrived damaged and is going back to you. Please let me know progress

        Thor B.
        New Zealand New Zealand

        Works well

        Works as intended. No fuss and a clean chain

        Chris B.
        New Zealand New Zealand

        Chain cleaner

        Quick & efficient way of cleaning my bike's chain - does what it says it will do..

        Ross F.
        New Zealand New Zealand

        Cleans chain well but follow the instructions..

        Did a fairly good job of cleaning a dirty chain without too much mess (but don't overfill or learn the hard way...). The unit itself was harder to clean afterwards and does seem a little plasticky, not sure how long this will last but reasonable quality for a fairly low price.

        P B.
        Australia Australia

        Handy tool I should have bought years ago.

        IT works. Keep level. Difficult to see the fluid level causing some spillage.