Anatomically correct, lightweight gloves for summer riding. Their no-velcro fitted wrist and 3D thumb ensure they fit like a... glove. Fully featured with synthetic suede palms, pressure pads, finger pull tabs and a microfibre nose wipe. Oink.

    • No-velcro fitted wrist and 3D thumb.
    • Multi-panel fit.
    • Fast drying, hardwearing synthetic suede palms.
    • Silicon screened prints on palm provides additional grip.
    • Reflective detailing.
    • Finger pull tabs for peeling off sweaty hands.
  • ▹ Weight

    Garment Weight: 60 gm
    • All Ground Effect clothing enjoys a warm 40ºC machine wash. Try to avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach, 'oxygen whitener' or fabric softener.
      • The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage technical fabrics and cause skin irritation. 
      • Bleach rots natural fibres like merino, strips the dye, attacks laminates of waterproof fabrics and can also cause skin irritation.
      • Sodium Percarbonate (the main ingredient in oxygen whitener) can make colours run.
      • Fabric softener and stuff containing it like wool wash destroys the water repellent finish on waterproof and water resistant fabrics, and can cause colours to run. 
    • As a rule of thumb, a product that is easy on the planet is also easy on your body. Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecover, Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware.
    • Hand washing is sometimes the only option on tour, but a washing machine rinses more thoroughly and is preferable if you have the choice.
    • Most Ground Effect gear dries super-fast so hanging on the line or drooping over the bedpost is generally the best option. High heat can damage some fabrics so if you do take your threads for a spin, set the device on 'medium' or 'warm' rather than hot. A lap in the dryer is recommended for your rain jacket, after it has dried on the line, as it helps recharge its water repellent finish. 

    • Wash your gloves separately - the synthetic suede can cause havoc staining other clothing.
    • Air dry only - no dryers for these puppies.

Made by: Ground Effect

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Michael G.

Bought Quickdraws for the second Time

Excellent quality and design. No velcro or clips to wear out. Stretch design allows easy donning & removal. Warm and provide good protection. Ideal summer gloves.

Sally M.

Cycling gloves

Comfy gloves, snug fit. No complaints, recommended. But I wonder what happened to the towelling section for the upper part that cycling gloves used to have - that came in handy for a dripping nose on a cold morning!

Alan H.

G'love them.

Other than the fact I was slightly disappointed to find out they are not NZ made (like much of GEs stuff) after a few weeks of ridding I really can't find any fault these gloves.

Juliet M.


Great bike gloves. Just the ticket for the Wilderness trail!

Andrew p.

Quickdraws, top scores

These are my second pair of Quickdraw gloves, and the are great little peices of kit. Strong, comfortable and easy to wash and dry. Hence i use them every time I ride. Good job Ground Effect