Sweating it out on a backcountry epic or zooming around the hills on a balmy summer evening. The Stingray delivers hot-weather cycling performance without requiring you to squeeze into a body-hugging mobile billboard.

    • Stand up collar to block UVs. Who wants to be labelled a red neck?
    • UPF 50+
    • Outrageously long front zip for turbo charged ventilation.
    • Regular fit and no-elastic hem lets the wind 'blow up your kilt'.
    • WhaleTail™ covers your back when you're stretched to the max.
    • Rear security pocket coupled with elasticised pockets for on-the-go access.
    • Hidden emergency tube repair patch.
    • S and XXL sizes in selected colours only.
  • A lightweight summer fabric packed with technology to keep you cool and dry as. The bi-component knit backs a sharp-looking polyester outer with a smooth layer of nano-charcoal polyester against your skin. Nano-charcoal disperses sweat to accelerate evaporation and is naturally anti-microbial to fight nasty smells. The fabric dries at the speed of light - great when reduced to hand washing on tour - and even performs its quick-drying magic in the wet under a rain jacket.
    • Composition: 75% polyester; 25% nano-charcoal polyester.

    ▹ UPF 50

    HyperActive's UPF 50+ rating extends your no-burn time by 50 times over bare skin. Designs with a stand-up collar and long sleeves maximise protection from the sun's UV rays. Yank 'em up if it gets too stifling.

    ▹ More than Kiwi Made

    Ground Effect clothing is crafted right here in New Zealand. Has been ever since we started back in 1994. Manufacturing locally works for us. We operate a quick-response system - holding minimal stock of any one item, but churning out a few more quick-smart when the pile gets low. The upshot is that we are seldom caught with our shelves empty, so orders get despatched the same day you place them.

    ▹ Weight

    Garment Weight: 180 gm
  •   Zip Tie  Road Rage Rock Lobster  Stingray
    Pockets Four at rear Four at rear Three at rear Three at rear
    Activity Road Road Mtb & Tour Mtb & Tour
    Sleeves Long Short Long Short
    Sizes S - XL S - XL S - XXL S - XXL

    • All Ground Effect clothing enjoys a warm 40ºC machine wash. Try to avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach, 'oxygen whitener' or fabric softener.
      • The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage technical fabrics and cause skin irritation. 
      • Bleach rots natural fibres like merino, strips the dye, attacks laminates of waterproof fabrics and can also cause skin irritation.
      • Sodium Percarbonate (the main ingredient in oxygen whitener) can make colours run.
      • Fabric softener and stuff containing it like wool wash destroys the water repellent finish on waterproof and water resistant fabrics, and can cause colours to run. 
    • As a rule of thumb, a product that is easy on the planet is also easy on your body. Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecover, Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware.
    • Hand washing is sometimes the only option on tour, but a washing machine rinses more thoroughly and is preferable if you have the choice.
    • Most Ground Effect gear dries super-fast so hanging on the line or drooping over the bedpost is generally the best option. High heat can damage some fabrics so if you do take your threads for a spin, set the device on 'medium' or 'warm' rather than hot. A lap in the dryer is recommended for your rain jacket, after it has dried on the line, as it helps recharge its water repellent finish. 

Made by: Ground Effect in New Zealand

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Mike P.
New Zealand


good top but liked the older Lycra material of about 10 years ago, material feels thicker and hotter. Noticeable on very hot days and holds quite a lot of moisture. Probably great for more temperate days but bought specifically for French Alps trip because of the zip back pocket, which is a great feature so you don't loose your wallet & phone. Also not sure about the colours had to go for blue as none of the others did it for me, I already have other blue tops...

Valdis T.

Summer sensation

My go-to when it's hot. Super comfy and keeps me cool. Love the colour as well as the collar on this thing.

Matthew C.

So Good It Should Have Its Own Public Holiday

A great mix of functionality without the banal designs. Like my last one will look great on video as I head OTB again.

A Ground Effect Customer
Paul A.


I bought two Manta Rays back in 1998. They have had to be put out of their misery now as they have faded and frayed. They were excellent. To replace I bought a Sting Ray and I have to say this is the first Ground Effect product that I'm disappointed with. Originally GE used a fabric called InterCool which was a soft but hard wearing material that afforded protection from the sun. The Sting Ray is made with a material called Hyperactive which feels like most cycling shirts - thin and hard for want of a better word. It supposedly has a UV rating of 50, but it is not very opaque - the weave is quite open and I've burnt while wearing it. I honestly can't see this garment lasting more than a couple of years let alone the twenty that my Manta Rays did.


Ground Effect

Thanks for your review... sorry to hear that you have been disappointed with the performance of your Stingray. The basic facts are that Polyester absorbs very little moisture (as low as 2%) whereas cotton can absorb up to 100% (of its dry vs wet fibre weight). Wool is pretty thirsty too which is why we use a blended fabric there as well. So while a cotton tee won't work at all, our fabric handles moisture a lot better than the old technology Intercool fabric which was a cotton/polyester combo. So the end result is that there are benefits in evaporative cooling, and a soft 'handle' - we're not sure why yours is feeling 'hard'. Here's the link to the washing instructions: If it wears out before it should, then of course get in touch with Pedal on, Ernie

Derek M.
New Zealand

Stingray top

Hi Ernie. All good, great colour and fit. I bought a medium and my standard sizing is a small large or large medium if you get my drift. The medium works fine for me. One problem, the bottom of the inside of the zip, the metal clasp sealing the end noticeably rubs up against my sternum to the point of being irritating and I guess on a long enough ride may chafe. Any ideas how to deal with this?


Ground Effect

Hi Derek, thanks for your review. We'd like to take a look at that zip. Can you email a pic or two to and we'll get it sorted. Pedal on, Ernie