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Tyre Easy-On

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Minor incompatibility between rim depth and tyre bead circumference can lead to a near impossible struggle when fitting a new tyre. And it's doubly challenging not to puncture your tube in the process. Just like with a car tyre, the Tyre Easy-On pivots on one rim, grabs the opposite bead and stretches it on. A workshop sanity-saver.

  • Works with all rim sizes.
  • Length: 220 mm
  • Weight: 90 gm


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    Mark R.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Does exactly what it says

    Cold, wet and muddy tyre and it got it back in with ease. Quick, simple and easy to use. Highly recommended.

    Kylie C.
    Australia Australia
    Works well

    My husband loves it and has attached it to his bike to help with punctures while riding.

    Stewart L.
    Australia Australia

    A great tool to get that tyre bead over the rim when your fingers and thumbs are just not strong enough or too cold. Light enough to be part of the every day riding repair kit.

    Tony B.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Not so easy Tyre Easy-On

    I suppose it makes life slightly easier for stiff tyres, but you still need to have a tyre lever either side of the device to stop it pushing then tyre out further round the rim. Not so easy with only 2 hands. In most sales cases the levers are easier (I just changed 2 road tyres and 2 MTB and used the device only once)

    Andrew B.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Maybe ok for road tyres

    Bought this on a whim thinking it might make getting new MTB tyres on a lot easier. While I can see it working for road tyres or perhaps low volume MTB tyres, it was pretty rubbish for my 2.5 Maxxis Assegai tyres. The device is too small to cope with the bulk of the large volume tyre. Bad decision. Product advertising should be clearer about tyre compatibility.

    Ground Effect

    Hi there Andrew. Thanks for your feedback. We'd certainly be happy to refund you in this instance if you'd like to return the Tyre Easy-On to us. We haven't encountered this issue before, but sounds like we need to suss out an upper limit and update our features. Pedal on, Ernie

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