Canaan Downs - Golden Bay MTB Club

The Golden Bay Mtb Club has churned out quality single track in the Canaan Downs Scenic Reserve over the years. The club has been directly responsible for three major Canaan Downs projects: 15km 'Main Loop' trail'; 5km 'Gold Creek' loop trail; 2km 'Rollercoaster Trail'.

The club secured in excess of $40,000 to complete these projects and club members volunteered 100’s of hours of labour. The Lion Foundation paid a massive $23,000 towards gravel and haulage. 'Rollercoaster' links nicely with the 'Rameka Track', and the Ground Effect Slush Fund covered the cost of a digger to do the heavy bench work on this. 

In 2011 the club formed 2.5km of new 'Pack Track’, forming a natural extension to the 'Rameka Track'. And in 2015 the club started building 'Two Klicks' that runs down the Rameka Creek Road.

The club collaborates with Jonathan Kennett and Project Rameka, another Ground Effect Slush Fund recipient.