The Piney - Northern Tablelands, NSW

New England Mountain Bikers located in the Northern Tablelands of NSW have built a load of trail in the past few years. 15km in The Piney (Armidale State Forest); 2km at Kookaburra Crest; the 7km Robbers Run; 6km at Fat Tyre Farm; 4km at Sport UNE Mtb Trails. With all that development periodic leaf litter was becoming important for club and more so visiting users of these great trails. 90% of the above trails are located in dense pine forest or eucalyptus bush, both of which enjoying throwing their leaves to the ground seasonally and need a good sweep. Previously this task would be completed using a local schools industrial blower twice a year. All other works required rakes etc. This meant that following these seasonal dumps the tracks, especially at night, would become a little difficult to follow. The Ground Effect Slush Fund has come to the rescue with the cash required to purchase an industrial strength blower (Stihl BR-600 Magnum) which can now to maintain all of the tracks.