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Alternative Vollie Collective

05 June 2024

The Alternative Vollie Collective are a bunch of Christchurch locals working hard to help keep the trails of Victoria Park and the Christchurch Adventure Park (CAP) running smooth. The Slush Fund has dished our $2000 cash for a bunch of tools and a chainsaw to help keen the AVC volunteers’ keen.

The AVC was started by Mark Stewart in 2022 along with riding mates Jeremy Burke and Hamish Petty. The 2022 winter was very wet which opened up the opportunity for trail maintenance rather than riding.

In 2023 AVC became offical helpers at CAP through Aaron Hogg, and good old word of mouths swelled the volunteer numbers to 55 in 2024.

Follow along @alternative_vollie_collective and drop them a message if you're keen to get involved, there are plenty of winter projects in the works.