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Richard Goldsbury

03 October 2023

Recently it was time for Christchurch trail maintenance legend Richard Goldsbury to upgrade his power tools. The Ground Effect Slush Fund teamed up with GC Super D to purchase a brush cutter and the necessary accompaniments to help maintain his trail maintenance momentum on the Port Hills and at Craigieburn.

Richard has just spent the week at Craigieburn doing early morning brush cutting before spring softens the snow for snow boarding.

It's a well kept secret that Richard Goldsbury is actually three clones. There is no other reasonable explanation as to how he clocks so many miles riding or snowboarding, maintains and builds so much first class singletrack, marshals the troops on his infamous pre-dawn backcountry hike-a-bike adventures... and holds down a full time job, all whilst being a master of action-selfies and an insightful Instagram poet. Favourite weekend destinations include Craigieburn and Alexandra.

Richard is part of the Ground Effect Revolutionary crew, an eclectic bunch of passionate cyclists who keep us all inspired with their appetite for all things cycling.

Instagram: @richardgoldsbury