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Trails Wellington - Te Tuarā

03 October 2023

Trails Wellington recently opened the first section Te Tuarā o Matairangi, the new Grade 4 flow and jumps trail on Matairangi (Mt Victoria). Trails Wellington work in partnership with Wellington Mtb Club, Mākara Peak Supporters and Brooklyn Trail Builders to maintain and create mountain bike trails around Wellington City.

Trails Wellington are fundraising to build the remaining two sections of Te Tuarā and complete 1700m of trail. The Ground Effect Slush Fund donated $1000 to help out and ‘build’ its 10 metres of trail. There are a couple of ways you can help out, either donate directly to the project and/or become a member of Trails Wellington.

Te Tuarā o Matairangi will become the spine of the Matairangi Trail network, with trails feeding off to the East towards Motukairangi (Miramar Peninsula), and the to West towards Te Ahumairangi and the Wellington CBD.

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