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Central Wairarapa BMX

15 February 2024

The Central Wairarapa BMX Club have been busy rebuilding a historic relic from the birth of BMX glory days of the 1980s. A small band of volunteers have slogged away for nearly 5 years (delayed by the pandemic) to rebuild the track on the outskirts of Masterton.

Work on the track involved widening it to discover its original width, rebuilding the berms, table tops, step ups, whoop de doos and start gate. The ramp has been lengthened, new retaining walls installed and the track has been treated to a full relime. The club found themselves in need of a $2000 top up from the Ground Effect Slush Fund to get the concreting done. Their pitch was "once we pour, we race"!

The Wairarapa has a burgeoning bike scene, with growth in road cycling and the mtb track infrastructure expanding. The club see themselves as the grass roots organisation to get kids on bikes, learning skills, being active and having fun. The track is old school on purpose. With modern UCI tracks built for speed the club are concentrating on the fundamentals. The club can see the kids getting a good grounding, and then moving onto places such as the newly developed Lansdowne Mtb Track or Rivenrock Mtb Park.

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