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Bike Wānaka - Lismore Bike Park

14 March 2023

Bike Wānaka with the help of a bunch of volunteers have ripped into Stage 1 of their plan to transform the current Lismore Bike Park into an epic facility for the whole of the Wānaka two-wheeled community to enjoy.

The current Lismore Bike Park is underused, neglected and has become an unwelcoming area for a community bike hub. With full support of the council, local riding community, and schools Bike Wānaka have raised the necessary $100,000 to get underway with the first stage of the project: building progressive jump trails from Green line to Grade 6 Jump line; constructing a freestyle area with dirt, mulch and airbag jumps; and installing a sprinkler system.

The Ground Effect Slush Fund has contributed $2000 towards the next stages of the project: to asphalt the pump track and learn-to-ride track; and improve and extend 'Rock'n'Rolla trail to create an XC loop. 

Back in Spring 2012 Bike Wānaka first built the Rock'n'Rolla loop at Lismore Park. The Ground Effect Slush Fund covered $1000 short fall in community funding to hire equipment for the build.

You can keep an eye on progress at www.bikewanaka.org.nz. Here are links to the Lismore Bike Park Proposal and the Bike Wānaka Facebook page. Give Bike Wānaka a follow on Instagram to find out when they need volunteers for the project.