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Christchurch Singletrack Club

24 August 2017

The Christchurch Singletrack Club have been developing mtb trails in and around Christchurch for the past 15 years. Back in 2012 we fired $1000 their way for tools. During the past few years much of their time has been spent developing a network of trails in the Halswell area, now officially named the Crocodile XC Mtb Park.

The Park will be hosting the MTBNZ South Island Champs on Sunday 4th February 2018. The event is the main driver for developing a further 8 or so trails. All the trails are on the hills and using barrows becomes a very strenuous task and quite difficult and dangerous when ground conditions are slippery.

The Ground Effect Slush Fund has stepped in with $1000 cash to help with the purchase of an e-barrow.  E-barrows work like an E-bike, providing power-assistance when pushing, and they also have brakes, making for far safer use when descending fully loaded. 

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