Marlborough Mtb Club

30 November 2021

The Marlborough Mtb Club recently approached the Ground Effect Slush Fund for $2000 cash to purchase a couple of weed eaters and 10 of the newly designed Trail Beaver Tools' rakes. They were put to good use at last weekends' Homebrook Dig Day to spruce up the Enduro and DH tracks.

The clubs trail network is extensive, including tracks: on District Council Land in the Wither Hills; in Victoria Domain, Picton; on DOC land at Whites Bay and the Wakamarina Valley.

Club members are lucky enough to have access to tracks on private land at Homebrook and Taylor Pass Forest. The club has introduced a new sticker system which to identifies club membership.

The new Homebrook venue provides local riders with a range of grade four and five trails that are not available at the Wither Hills Mtb Park.

Local lads Fraser Brown and Joshua Foster have designed the new Trail Beaver Tools rakes.

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Back in 2017 the Slush Fund gave $1000 to the club to help with the purchase of tools for the keen trail builders of all ages at the club.

They worked with a local tool manufacturer, who built different sized tools suitable for kids and adults, plus purchased some Weapons of mass Creation from Trail Fund NZ.