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Coromandel Bike Park

20 May 2021

The Spirit of Coromandel Trust and Ride Coromandel have been busy creating a bike park near the Coromandel town centre. An all weather asphalt pump track, skills development area and children’s trail area are now completed.

Adjacent to the bike park hub construction has begun on two cross country loops in 'Kauri Block', once the site of gold mining claims. The Ground Effect Slush Fund helped out with $1300 for materials to construct a Kauri Dieback Wash Station for bikes and riders. The Kauri Block cross country trails will have a single point of entrance and exit - riders are are asked to come to the park with clean bikes. There is plenty of space to clean bikes after the ride.

Back in 2017 the Ground Effect Slush Fund provided cash for the purchase of a brush cutter, plus we fired a copy of the IMBA 'Trail Solutions’ track building guide their way.

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