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Revelate Harness

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A semi-rigid handlebar rack to securely mount the Revelate Saltyroll or other compatible dry bag to your bike. Ideal for light but bulky cargo like your sleeping bag and down jacket. Allows for quick 'n' easy removal of dry bag when faffing about camp.

  • Separate harness for speedy packing and unpacking.
  • 2 handlebar straps with moulded rubber spacer-blocks to avoid clashing with cables and levers.
  • Head tube centre strap with EVA spacer-block and cam-locking buckle.
  • 3 layer compression moulded EVA composite material with grippy inner surface to prevent slippage.
  • 3 straps with easy-access buckles and locking cams.
  • Fiberglass cross-bar for lateral stiffness.
  • Weight: 430 grams.

+How much to pack
For multi-day mountain biking and off-road touring the knack is to travel light, but safe. On technical singletrack in particular excess weight becomes quite a handicap - requiring both increased skills and effort. So pack smart.
  • Lightweight bike-specific rainwear goes without saying. 
  • The ‘killer app’ is a modern, lightweight, low volume down sleeping bag. The Sea to Summit Traveller has 200gm fill. An adequate rather than cosy pit for the night but weighs just 400gm in total and occupies a paltry 1.5 litres in your bag.
  • A lightweight down or primaloft jacket comforts you around the hut or campsite, and extends your lightweight sleeping bag if the nocturnal temperature sinks a bit low.

Time of year, terrain and availability of huts all impact on your selection but on a two day-one night summer mtb trip you should easily be able to stash all your food, clothing and emergency kit into the Ortlieb Seat Pack/Handlebar Bag combo. You may choose to supplement those with a small daypack to carry a water bladder, lunch, snacks and evening meal. Check out the Weight Watcher’s Equipment Guide for more.

+Fitting to your bike
  • The weapon of choice for bikepacking is a 29er hardtail. However plenty opt for a dual suspension rig. Either way you'll want to invest some time mounting your bags securely to your bike. Generally they stay glued to it for the duration of the trip. You get to lovingly pack and extract your gear at the start and end of each day.
  • Before fitting, lightly pack both bags.
  • Upfront, take care to not tangle with brake hoses or gear cables. The roll bag hangs below your handlebar, so ensure it clears the front wheel when the front shock is fully compressed. Locking the shock out, limiting travel or increasing air pressure is invariably required.
  • Out back a minimum 170 mm clearance (irrespective of any suspension) is required between your back tyre and the bottom of your seat rails. If you’re riding a dually, also check that the under-seat bag clears the rear wheel when the shock is fully compressed. The best remedy is to pump up the shock to limit travel.
  • Under-seat bags are not compatible with dropper seat posts. If you have a dropper either swap out for a standard post, or refrain from using it with the bag attached.
+Packing tips
  • Take time at the start of each day to stash your gear thoughtfully. Create a solid platform to stack the lighter stuff on. And minimise any voids. This maximises your load capacity and prevents the bags from shuffling and jiggling around on your bike.
  • The Revelate Terrapin under-seat bags has an air valve to let you to roll it tightly closed.
  • The Revelate Sweetroll and Saltyroll allow access from either end. In the ideal world you separate your gear so that at least one bag (normally the 'handlebar') remains packed all day. Leave ride food and clothing at the top of the other bag, or in your daypack.

  • Items are generally packed and sent the same day your order is received.
  • Costs $9 by overnight courier within New Zealand.
  • NZ$12 by tracked airmail to Australia.
  • Around NZ$15-25 by tracked airmail to destinations elsewhere in the world - calculated in our shipping cart as you check out. 
    • More shipping and tax details in our FAQ.
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      Annie C.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Revelate Harness

      Was good and did the trick, it needs a block for stem attachment to hold it off brake and gear cables.

      Craig E.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Revelate Harness

      Easy set up , great between my drop bars , holds steady in the ruff. Pulls up nice and tightly.

      Kent W.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Revelate harness

      Great product. Really stable and easy to use, particularly loading and unloading when compared to one piece front rolls. The other benefit of the harness is the clearance it provides from cables and brake levers. This was the main reason I bought it.

      Kay G.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Thumbs up

      We are very impressed with the Revelate harness. It was quick and easy to attach to the bike. It had plenty of clips to keep everything firm and away from any bike bits. Once it was all fitted up and we were on our way it was easy to unclip the Salty roll and get sorted at the end of a ride.

      Kevin B.
      New Zealand New Zealand

      Revelate harness

      Ideal way to get some weight off your back love it great product