She Shell


 No-compromise defence against crappy weather and tongue twisters. The She Shell repels rain and wind with its waterproof-breathable 3 layer HydroFoil™ Plus fabric, fully tape-sealed seams and WhaleTail™ back.

    • Lightweight waterproof-breathable 3 layer HydroFoil™ Plus fabric with fully tape-sealed seams for maximum waterproofness.
    • Zip-away skullcap hood fits snugly under your helmet - without blocking peripheral vision or restricting movement.
    • Full-length AquaGuard® water resistant front zip with internal flap.
    • Über breathable fabric means no need for underarm zips.
    • Thumb loops keep your wrists under wraps.
    • Shockcord hem.
    • Sewn in emergency tube repair patch, because you can never be too well prepared.
    • WhaleTail™ cut keeps all of your back covered all of the time.
    • Hazard!™ reflective trim explodes with brightness under headlights.
    • Rear pocket turns into itself to form a lightweight bumbag with room to squeeze in a pair of Daddy Long Legs, playlunch money and the bat phone.
    • Waterproofness: 23,000 mm hydrostatic head with durable water-repellent finish.
    • Breathability: 33,000 gm per sqm per 24hrs.
    • WXL size option, in Agent Orange only.
  • Specifically developed for high aerobic activities, HydroFoil™ Plus combines a lightweight ripstop nylon shell with a composite membrane that is completely waterproof, totally windproof and extremely breathable. The outer fabric is the latest new-generation Pertex® Shield+ membrane. It is more than twice as breathable as most other quality waterproof-breathable fabrics, and has a small amount of stretch allowing a closer fit. The outer fabric is treated with a durable water repellent finish that encourages rain to bead up and roll off, while there is a lightweight tricot mesh on the inside for greater durability and improved moisture dispersion.

    • Composition: 100% nylon with PU laminate.
    • Waterproofness: 23,000mm hydrostatic head with durable water-repellent finish on face fabric.
    • Breathability: 33,000gm per sq.m per 24hr.

      Outskirts™ garments are designed specifically for women. Most Ground Effect designs are unisex… jackets, tights and baggy tops generally fit both men and women equally well. However, fitted garments like cycle shorts and some tops are more gender specific so you'll find a women’s version in the Outskirts™ women's range.

      ▹ Hazard!™

      Night travel is a spooky experience. Many Ground Effect garments feature our Hazard!™ reflective logo and piping to help remind traffic that we're on the road too.

      ▹ WhaleTail™

      Ground Effect tops are cut with extra length in the back... and in the sleeves too. So when you stretch out in search of the perfect downhill position, neither your shirttail or sleeves will ride-up to expose your back or wrists to the elements.

      ▹ More than Kiwi Made

      Ground Effect clothing is crafted right here in New Zealand. Has been ever since we started back in 1994. Manufacturing locally works for us. We operate a quick-response system - holding minimal stock of any one item, but churning out a few more quick-smart when the pile gets low. The upshot is that we are seldom caught with our shelves empty, so orders get despatched the same day you place them.

      ▹ Weight

      Garment Weight: 330 gm
    •   Antidote She Shell
      Fabric HydroFoil™ Plus HydroFoil™ Plus
      Tape Sealed Yes Yes
      Venting Chest & arms Front zip
      Hood Yes Yes
      Rear Pocket Doubles as bumbag Doubles as bumbag
      Sizes WS - WL WS - WXL

    • ▹ Which jacket is best for me?

      • All our rain jackets are shells, ie. they have no insulation. Your shell is the primary defence against wind and rain - and is good insurance to take on any ride at any time of the year. They are high performance jackets made from HydroFoil™ Plus fabric, providing effective protection in serious weather but still relatively light and low bulk to carry.
      • The anti-Cyclone, Storm Trooper, Antidote and She Shell are tape-sealed and have hoods for maximum protection from the elements. They are most suited for multi-day mountain bike trips in the backcountry, commuting or touring when you're likely to encounter rain for more than a few hours.
      • Zipping off the yoke and sleeves of the Flash Gordon lets you quickly change between jacket and vest mode. The hi-visibility vest delivers a decent shot of weather protection - all with substantially more breathability than the full jacket.
      • The Rivet is tape sealed but has no hood. Compact and light when stashed away, but completely waterproof when the heavens open. Perfect for lightweight touring and bikepacking.

      ▹ How waterproof is it?

      • The challenge is for a jacket to keep you as dry as possible. With all shell fabrics this involves a trade-off between waterproofness and breathability.
      • Our HydroFoil™ Plus fabric is built to a very high specification with more than 20,000 mm hydrostatic head and a durable water-repellent finish. Many other lightweight fabrics with a 10,000 mm head are also described as waterproof. However all waterproof coatings become less waterproof with time and use. Our field testing over the years has shown that the higher 20,000 mm fabric stays waterproof for longer.
      • Yet, even garments made from this most waterproof fabric will eventually leak when you're belting along at 30kph in the wet (rain gets in through the collar, cuffs or closures). So it's difficult to quantify waterproofness in meaningful terms for cycling. Keeping the wind out stops the majority of heat loss.
      • The Flash Gordon provides extended protection and is good for up to a couple of hours in continuous rain.
      • If you're heading into exposed areas for a day or longer or often ride in the rain for more than a couple of hours, then choose the anti-Cyclone, Storm Trooper, Rivet, Antidote or She Shell for maximum protection - with their tape sealed seams. And remember, if it all gets too grim then it's okay to hunt down a warm fire and a pint of Guinness.
      • What ever your choice, it's important to use any shell in combination with an effective base layer (a Heatwave Merino, InfraRed or HyperActive top) so that any accumulated moisture is transferred away from your skin.

      ▹ How breathable is it?

      • Cycling is a highly aerobic activity - so you sweat, a lot. Even the most breathable fabrics won't actually stop you sweating and because they're windproof, you lose the cooling effect of the air rushing past as you ride.
      • Our rain shells are constructed from the latest new-generation 3 layer HydroFoil™ Plus fabric. It is more than twice as breathable as most other quality waterproof-breathable fabrics, it has a small amount of stretch allowing a closer fit - and a lightweight tricot mesh inside for greater durability and improved moisture dispersion. It's water vapour transfer rate is a whopping 33,000 gm per sqm per 24hrs. 
      • The full front zip on the Storm Trooper, Rivet and She Shell provide additional temperature control, while the anti-Cyclone and Antidote sport mechanical venting at the chest and arms. Zipping off the arms of the Flash Gordon leaves you with just a vest.

      • All Ground Effect clothing enjoys a warm 40ºC machine wash. Try to avoid cold-water detergents and those with bleach, 'oxygen whitener' or fabric softener.
        • The cold-water varieties have little enzymes that are super-charged to brave the cold but can damage technical fabrics and cause skin irritation. 
        • Bleach rots natural fibres like merino, strips the dye, attacks laminates of waterproof fabrics and can also cause skin irritation.
        • Sodium Percarbonate (the main ingredient in oxygen whitener) can make colours run.
        • Fabric softener and stuff containing it like wool wash destroys the water repellent finish on waterproof and water resistant fabrics, and can cause colours to run. 
      • As a rule of thumb, a product that is easy on the planet is also easy on your body. Select a mild plant-based soap like Ecover, Ecostore, Earthwise or Aware.
      • Hand washing is sometimes the only option on tour, but a washing machine rinses more thoroughly and is preferable if you have the choice.
      • Most Ground Effect gear dries super-fast so hanging on the line or drooping over the bedpost is generally the best option. High heat can damage some fabrics so if you do take your threads for a spin, set the device on 'medium' or 'warm' rather than hot. A lap in the dryer is recommended for your rain jacket, after it has dried on the line, as it helps recharge its water repellent finish. 

      • In addition to the plant-based products above you can also opt for a specific sport wash like Grangers Extreme Cleaner, Nikwax Tech Wash or our new favourite Atsko 'Sport Wash' (from the makers of 'Sno Seal'). Around NZ$30 from most outdoor shops. Any stubborn stains should be dabbed not rubbed clean. For grease spots you can use a degreaser like Swarfega. It's aggressive stuff though so take care - it might be best left alone as added character.
      • Keep it clean, but don’t wash too often. General wear along with washing progressively removes the water repellent treatment from the outside the fabric. This treatment helps rain to bead and run off - and enhances the overall performance of the fabric. Dirt, body oil, sunscreen and sweat also attack the water repellent treatment and can cause the waterproof-breathable membrane to delaminate. Wash frequency depends on how often and how hard you use your garment. We suggest washing after a particularly grubby ride or after say a dozen sessions in the rain. Use your judgement - if the garment looks dirty, the fabric is 'wetting out’ too quickly, or feels clammy then it's probably time for a clean.
      • You can help restore the water repellent treatment after washing by line-drying your jacket, then chucking it in the dryer using a warm (not hot) cycle. This 'recharges' the treatment so it lasts a bit longer. When this trick no longer does its magic you can beef up the original treatment to some extent with a product like Grangers Extreme Synthetics or Nikwax TX Direct (around NZ$30-40 from most outdoor shops). A bottle is good for two or three rounds with your jacket. The effectiveness of this process depends on the age and condition of your jacket. Expect ok results if the fabric is only 'wetting out' in patches (the 'mid-life' crisis). If the entire jacket is 'wetting-out' rapidly in light rain then it already has one-foot-in-the-grave and beading is unlikely to improve much from the treatment. The 40 bucks maybe better spent put towards a new jacket. Note that while the fabric's wetting-out impairs performance, particularly breathability, the HydroFoil laminate should still be waterproof.
      • Always ensure your HydroFoil garment is completely dry before storing. Putting it away damp can destroy both the DWR and the waterproof coating. Take care of your gear and it will take care of you.

    Made by: Ground Effect in New Zealand

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    Karla M.
    New Zealand

    I love my She Shell

    This is my second she shell I've brought now. I bike all winter and this keeps me dry and warm everyday. I would recommend this Jacket to everyone looking for a all year around biking Jacket.



    There are things I loved about this jacket - the bright colour is perfect for being seen in yucky weather, the fabric is nice and soft, good coverage in the tail, wonderful hood,and it's light weight. There are things that I wasn't initially sure about, but turned out better than expected - I had wanted a jacket with a stuff sack. I bike tour and wanted to be able to get the jacket small for packing. The bum bag thing hadn't really sold me, but upon seeing it, turns out it would double quite nicely as a pillow, just stuff in an extra piece of clothing to make it more comfy. And, unfortunately, there was something that just didn't work for me - the zipper. When done up, it dug in at a point of my chin that weirdly just made me gag. I've never had that happen before, but needless to say, not an experience I hope to repeat. It is for this reason that I returned the jacket. It is an issue that could be solved quite easily in the design, by bringing the collar a little lower in the front. This would still allow plenty of room for the hood. But, maybe I'm the only one with this discomfort. So, I almost fell in love with this jacket, except for that one thing. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

    Helen C.

    Going back for seconds

    My old She Shell has seen me through seven winters of commuting, a few cycle tours, a couple of cross country skiing adventures and some day bushwalks. And then the seven-year itch struck. I arrived at work one morning with wet shoulders and the lining sprinkled all over the carpet. So there was no question but that it be replaced with another She Shell. Seven years of hard wear is pretty good going I reckon. Although I do miss those under-arm zips :-(

    Helen M.

    She shell

    This a superb jacket. I ordered a medium and the sleeves where to long for me so my husband is now wearing it and it fits him perfect. He loves it for his early morning rides doesn't feel like he is in a sauna. I have now ordered myself a small and it fits great. Have yet to ride wearing it, can't wait to try it.

    Paul R.

    Sea Shell

    This is the perfect rain jacket- nothing beats it